Corbyn and the UK Media

Glenn Greenwald twitted a story earlier today from ITV concerning Jeremy Corbyn's apparent dodging of an invitation from the Privy Council. Greenwald criticizes the willingness of ITV to give anonymity to a source that accuses Corbyn of not being grown up. On this point Greenwald certainly has a point - and it should be contextualized within the broader point that journalists seem all to willing to grant anonymity to establishment figures on both sides of the Atlantic.

But there is a second observation that I'd like to make - namely that Corbyn is doing a terrific job in highlighting the degree to which British journalism is deferent to the establishment. Some individual journalists undoubtedly buck the trend, but to the extent that it is a coherent institution British journalism has shown an incredible willingness to accept - and propagate - critiques of Corbyn that rest on establishment shibboleths. Be it an unwillingness to sing the nation anthem, criticism of nuclear weapons, or talking about NATO, Corbyn has the British media foaming over issues held sacred by the establishment, but for which public support is mixed. On Trident, NATO, and even the monarchy, the public is not in lockstep with the establishment. But you would hardly know this from the media coverage.